The Russian Lady (Hartford)

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Ann Uccello St.
Hartford, CT 06105 (860) 247-5239



"What makes the Russian Lady a great dance club? For one thing, there’s a different vibe on each of their three floors, said owner Jerry Fornarelli, where a hand-picked DJ caters the sound to the clientele. “There’s retro on the first floor, a little more energy music in the vodka room [on the second floor], and then the billiard room plays a little Top 40, which appeals to everyone,” Fornarelli said. With a little live music sprinkled in throughout the week, a jazz night, an acoustic night, free pool and an open-air rooftop, the Russian Lady brings the excitement all week long. “We are entertainers,” Fornarelli explained. “And at the end of the day, that’s our job.” With 10,000 square feet of space, dance floors on three levels, live music three days a week, and a DJ for each floor to rock the weekends away, it’s easy to understand why this club has become a dance phenomenon. “It’s the space, and it’s because we have something for everyone,” says general manager David Heath. He says each floor has its own character, from the “hole-in-the-wall bar” atmosphere on the first, to the vodka bar to the billiard room and the smoking lounge on the roof."

For a winner in the Best New Bar category, the Russian Lady sure has a rich past. “It was open in the ’70s, and there’s a lot of history,” said club manager David Heath. “It’s still the same location and a lot of the antiques have been restored.” With the best elements of the past bar still in place, the Russian Lady now strives to make the new place even better. “We serve food, and there’s a lot to do,” said owner Jerry Fornarelli. “We cater to happy hour. There’s a good beer selection, we’re open for lunch daily with light fare menu, the infamous Russian Lady Iced Tea, with a souvenir take-home glass. It’s the one place in town where you have something different to do on every floor.”

Winner of the Best New Bar Award in the Hartford Advocate Best Of Readers' Poll 2012

Winner of the Best Dance Club Award in the Hartford Advocate Best Of Readers' Poll 2012


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Recent Reviews

Posted by Mike Ross on 06/15/2018 at 23:37
The absolute worst bar I think I’ve ever been to. Every bit of the place is trashed. Almost as if they just threw dirt all over the place. Every single glass was extremely dirty. The staff was unpleasant especially the guy checking IDs for the past few weeks. Multiple times he has given me issues. I have never been treated with more disrespect. I have traveled the world and been to more bars and clubs then I can count. Never in my life as a 24 year old have I been more disrespected then by this staff. Not even a drop of alcohol in me. And I always smile and say please and thank you. Absolutely no reason in the world for there to be an issue. I understand the staff at nightclubs have to deal with bullshit all the time, I have empathy for that. But there was absolutely no excuse in the world for the way I was treated the last two weekends in a row.
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Posted by Jacqui on 02/13/2016 at 12:33
I was in Hartford on 3-10-16 for the Bruce Springsteen concert with a group of friends. We had reservations at The Tavern next door only to arrive and be informed that they don't take reservations on nights of concerts.So whoever we spoke to was wrong. Noone there was leaving their tables they were there for the night. We went to The Russian Lady next door and we're sent to the 3rd floor but there were no open tables. The Door men from downstairs came up and set up 2 tables for us and 6 chairs and did it with a smile. He was very nice and accommodating. Ordered food it was very good. Could make sure they have more wait and bar staff on the night of a concert. But they were all doing the best they could with the large crowd there. Thanks for saving our dinner!!
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Posted by Michelle on 01/10/2015 at 04:41
Absolutely awful. Left and figured out I forgot my phone behind, tried to contact the Russian lady in new haven ct and every worker I had spoken to was rude and talked down to me. I became upset and demanded for them to at least look for my phone, they hung up on me several times. I called again and told me they found it in a toilet which was completely impossible. I proceeded to call and they did not answer even though I knew they were still in house. Finally after over an hour they tell me to get it from their mailbox- once I retrieved it, it was soaking wet and would not turn on. They're actions and attitude towards me was more than enough to make me realize this was not a quality place and I will not go there again. I believe whoever was there purposely put my phone in a toilet because I had raised my voice about the situation. This is not professional and not at all what good customer service is about. I won't go back there again. I hope my phone turns back on and if it doesn't I will have this place pay for it themselves. The Russian lady should have a main office number also.
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