Plan B, West Hartford

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138 Park Rd.
West Hartford, CT 06119 (860) 231-1199



When it comes to bar-hopping, people go where they feel comfortable, and to succeed as a bar and grill, according to Plan B’s branding director Lena DiGenti, you have to tweak the bar vibe. “That's been our primary focus,” DiGenti said. “People come to Plan B because it's a fun bar. While they are here, we try to provide great food selection.” With three locations (and two more on the way, in Stamford and in Springfield, Mass., at the Basketball Hall of Fame), the Plan B concept was, from the beginning, built around the bar. “The energy bleeds into the rest of the restaurant,” DiGenti said. “We always joke that we notice families coming in to the restaurant with the parents. Then they'll drop the kids off with the baby sitter and come back to the bar.”

Draft beer is great, of course. But the mark of a truly well-stocked establishment is the depth of their bottled brews. At each of the three Plan B locations, beer-lovers select from a beer menu that’s over 100 bottled beers deep. “We only serve American craft beers,” said branding director Lena DiGenti. Some of the favorites these days? Dogfish Head and Allagash, naturally, but it’s such a personal choice. “We only feature beers that are rated B+ or higher by Beer Advocate,” DiGenti said. “We do offer the mainstream beers, but we only feature craft beers.”

Fourteen draft lines. Credentialed cicerones (beer sommeliers) at each location. Yup, Plan Bs killing it these days with their tap selection. “We have people who go to school to become beer experts, and they select the beer each week,” said branding director Lena DiGenti. “It's always changing, the seasonal beers on tap and whatever brewery is new and exciting.” The regional differences are fascinating from a sociological standpoint: Simsbury drinkers, DiGenti said, love their IPAs, whereas Glastonbury folks tend to opt for even lighter, more outlandish suds. “In West Hartford, they run the gamut,” DiGenti said. “They enjoy a good variety across the board.”

Winner of the Best Beer Selection On Tap Award in the Hartford Advocate Best Of Readers' Poll 2012.

Winner of the Best Beer Selection In Bottles Award in the Hartford Advocate Best Of Readers' Poll 2012.

Winner of the Best Bar & Grill Award in the Hartford Advocate Best Of Readers' Poll 2012.


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