J's Crab Shack

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2074 Park St.
Hartford, CT 06106 860-231-9545



Doubling as a restaurant and a fish market, Tinker's Seafood is now called J's Crabshack and still has probably the most affordable fresh fish in town. Tucked around the side of the brick building that also houses O'Porto, the d├ęcor on the restaurant side of J's Crabshack isn't much more than a few long tables and chairs setup cafeteria-style. The menu run towards the basic and simple as well, but J's Crabshack is an area favorite for fresh, tasty seafood.


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Posted by Westie on 11/18/2013 at 04:43
We arrived on a Sunday afternoon to find the parking lot pretty full and several parties entering the restaurant. I first stopped by the retail display case, but nothing stood out as being either fresher or cheaper than the retail seafood markets that I frequent. My wife and I each ordered the fried belly clams basket which came with fries and a small container of coleslaw. The quantity of belly clams and fries was more than ample and as close to grease free as one could wish. I noticed the majority of the nearby tables had ordered chowder and the fried flounder plate which looked very inviting. If and when I get another craving for fried food, I will likely return.
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