El Salvador

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514 Burnside Ave.
East Hartford, CT 06108 860-528-2442



You can understand why a place like El Salvador in East Hartford might decide to hedge its bets by serving both Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine. Just about everybody knows what a taco is, and most people aren't fazed by things like enchiladas or even gorditas on a menu. But offer them pupusas, the signature stuffed pancake-like Salvadoran dish made with corn flour, and many diners start to ask questions. With about a half dozen booths, a steam table, a TV on the wall and everything served on paper plates with plastic utensils, there's absolutely nothing fancy about this little autentic eatery, but its robust Central and South American flavors can't be beat. Some folks may be put off by El Salvador's humble exterior and ultra-casual atmosphere, others will consider it a great, down-to-earth find.


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