Ellington Golf Center

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123 West Rd.
Ellington, CT 06029 860-872-4653



The Hartford Courant
Published: 8/25/05

This is the perfect place for fathers to bring their children for a bonding experience - as we saw one sweltering Friday. The smallish location has a beautifully manicured driving range where Dad can get his iron action on before playing with the kids on the modestly sized mini-golf course next door.

Bullard and Ramirez crashed head-on in an intense and frenzied putt-putt competition. Well, not too intense. Too impatient to read the rules, they made up their own - playing the course without strategy and allowing many, many do-overs.

The golf balls rolled erratically through farmhouses, tractor blades and characters in European garb, giving the impression of a quaint Scandinavian town.

"The reason I think miniature golf is supposed to be fun is you imagine you're the ball," Ramirez said, causing Bullard to ponder what she was talking about. "You know, it's like you're going through all this fun stuff, through the spiral ramps ... like it's a ride."

"If I were the ball, I would be hopelessly lost in this town," Bullard said. "And dizzy."

Neither golfer did too well but blamed the traffic noise on busy Route 83 for distracting them.

Final Score (lowest score wins): Bullard: 69, Clarisa: 77


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