Waiter Wheels Restaurant Delivery (Hartford and New Haven)

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Hartford, CT Select Zip 860-263-3463



A unique service that delivers food from popular local restaurants to your residence, university or business. Waiter Wheels have been in operation in the Hartford area since 2006 and launched their popular service in the New Haven area in April 2014. Cash, American Express, MasterCard and VISA accepted.

Hartford phone number: 860-263-3463 (DINE)

New Haven phone number: 203-401-8084


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Posted by Carol on 06/11/2018 at 21:22
WAITER WHEELS is not a reliable delivery company. I ordered food for my daughter´s birthday, I booked and paid the order online within 5 days in advance, besides that I called twice to be sure they understand all the details and to confirm that they were ok with my request. But the day of the birthday party they didn´t show up with the food, I called the restaurant and they didn´t even have any order from Waiter Wheels either.
They just FORGOT about my order and I couldn´t serve food for the kids in the party.
I was so embarrassed with my guest that I won´t never call them again. I´m spreading the word to warn you about using this company for delivery here in the Hartford area of Connecticut. Also The restaurant told me that this is not the first time this happened and for that reason they always go with third party delivery companies more reliable and responsible.
In the meantime and still waiting for them to reimbursed the money of my order.
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Reply by Hermoine on 03/28/2019 at 16:13
Waiter Wheels delivered my food on time amd warm.