Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club

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194 Buckland Hills Dr.
Manchester, CT 06040 860-432-8600



Enjoy dinner with some laughs at Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club.


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Posted by Lilly on 06/25/2016 at 07:54
My husband and I were there to enjoy a show the first act was a woman who was vulgar and obscene.Just disgusting but not as disgusting and rude and disruptive as the waitress. Who had a problem with a table next to ours a group of disabled people sat at 4 tables. One table I guess had someone who did not have there wallet and the counselor told the waitress it will be taken care not to worry. All those people wanted was to enjoy the show just like my husband and I. But do to the rude waitress who kept interrupting coming over humiliating this young man it was not enjoyable.on top of which they wanted to double charge him for his soda when he ordered one. And one soda is $4, why $4?
That is insane .they treated these people like second class citizens who cares what you want or where you sit. And I will tell you they were respectful and well behaved.
I will never come back to this money sucking dive.
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Reply by Thomas Gordon on 08/24/2017 at 16:50
Well everyone knows that the language is rough the comic loves that's no big deal so get your head out of your ass. But the only problem I have with that place is that the food is really bad. If they had a great menu , we go every week .
Reply by Hartford Funny Bone on 06/30/2016 at 17:20
Lilly, Sorry to hear your visit to our club was less than ideal. We would appreciate it if you would contact us at 860-432-8600 as this does not reflect the experience we want our guests to have. Management would like the opportunity to make improvements in any aspect of our club, so your feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
Posted by FierV on 03/03/2014 at 11:58
We went here for a birthday celebration with a group of friends on March 1, 2014. We were attending the 10pm late show to see the comedian Brad Williams. We had a good time until the last 15 minutes of the show when we received our bill for drinks. Turns out we were charged an extra $4 per drink for "top shelf liquor" on each drink when that was not what we ordered. We ordered regular drinks in souvenir glasses.

Our entire 9 person party was overcharged on the drinks we ordered. The server, who was a young kid, got argumentative and extremely rude with us over it so we demanded to speak with management. We were then told by the manager that because we consumed it we had to pay for it even though it was not what we ordered. The bill confusion and argument with us over this error ruined the ending of the show for us and upset our birthday celebration. Then we were held up for an additional 45 minutes after the show trying to settle this only to be basically told "screw you" and given a lousy $2 discount per drink. Considering they made several hundred off of our table without having to overcharge us, this was a huge slap in the face.

This incident destroyed what should have been a fun evening out. I will never ever return there again. For future comedy shows I will stick to Mohegan Sun.
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Reply by terrance martin on 10/21/2016 at 19:39
I was really upset when me and my wife went to the funnybone to see lanel. She was real funny but when we ordered our food it was so cold that I wanted to get up and walk out but my wife kept telling me not to worry about it that she would make me something to eat when I get home. I really wanted those chicken wraps that I ordered and if it wasn't for my wife I swear i will never ever go back to that place ever again. God bless my wife I love her so much but the funny Bone should shut there kitchen down for that mess... disgusting,,,,
Reply by Joanna on 11/22/2015 at 11:39
I have heard and experienced similar things at Funny Bone. It is a fascist organization. Check out Carmine's Bar/Grill/Stage in East Hartford. They now present FREE professional comedy showcases, next of which is 12.5.15. Also there's "First Tuesday" open mics, also free, also great fun.

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