Dead By Wednesday

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  • Joey Morbidelli: Vox / Screams
  • Opus: Drums
  • Mike Modeste: Bass
  • Ross Ragusa: Guitar
  • Ceschi Ramos: Vox
  • The Last Parade, New Haven metal gods Dead By Wednesday's last album, is their Master of Puppets, the record that crystallizes, artistically and conceptually, everything that kicks ass about the band. "For me, Metallica was one of the pinnacle bands that put metal on the map on a national level," said drummer Opus. "It broke them. The quality was evident and clear and well done. I think their style was very progressive, but it's not like we are trying to sound like them." They squeezed in the necessary studio time between playing 150 shows a year, which includes extensive nationwide tours lasting anywhere from three weeks to two months at a stretch. It wasn't easy. But when they could swing it, Opus and company worked their asses off. "We went in there and pushed ourselves to the limit," Opus said. "I played drums until I felt like my arms were going to fall off... Musically and stylistically, we put our stamp of approval on this. [Parade] is our masterpiece." So far, they've sold a respectable number of CDs for an indie metal band, and they aren't done yet. "We set out to accomplish what we wanted," Opus said. "But promotion-wise, you could always do more. It's always about getting it to the right people." 

    Dead By Wednesday were named the "Best Metal Band" in Connecticut in the Advocate/Weekly's Grand Band Slam 2012.  See their winner page on