The Suicide Dolls

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  • Michelle Suicide: Bass / Vocals
  • Brian Suicide: Guitar / Vocals
  • Matt Covey: Drums
  • Ben LaRose: Drums
  • The Suicide Dolls' muscular, propulsive sound calls to mind the burly, post-punk-rooted underground rock of the '90s more than it does most of the indie buzz bands of the past decade or so, and bassist/vocalist Michelle Montavon acknowledges that. "There's not a lot of us left," she says of their breed. And yet, there's a lot in their music for diverse crowds to latch onto — the push-and pull between her singing and Brian Albano's declamatory vocals, Albano's use of rich guitar tones and squalls of noise, a pop sensibility behind the arc of their songs, a bit of menace and an approachable form. "We're not using the major notes," Montavon says. "We're a really emotional band."

    The Suicide Dolls were named the "Best Rock Band" in Connecticut in the Advocate/Weekly's Grand Band Slam 2012.  See their winner page on