Fake Babies

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New Haven, CT
While Fake Babies can easily sound on paper like a "weird" band, seeing them play live reveals they're a really a party band. Their shows are meant to "let everyone have fun and hook up and express themselves," says singer/keyboardist/knob-twiddler Justin Roberts. "We'll come up with something a week before a show, stretch it out and see how people receive it. We're working on, I'd say, hits," he says with a chuckle.

Fake Babies was named the "Best Other" band in Connecticut in the Advocate/Weekly's Grand Band Slam 2012.  See their winner page on CT.com

Contact Info

Email: fakebabiesmusic@gmail.com

Phone: 203.706.5472



    - Fake Babies - Don't Hold Your Breath.mp3
    - Fake Babies - Talk Like My Baby.mp3